So you thought you were a Maple Leafs fan?

Yeah? Can you tell me who won the Selke in '93? (Gilmour) Can you tell me the name of the rink they played in before the Air Canada Center? (Maple Leaf Gardens) Awesome. I bet you didn't have your wedding portraits done at the Dartmouth Sportsplex so you could show off your Maple Leafs jerseys and Maple Leafs wedding colours. I bet you didn't exit your ceremony to the Hockey Night in Canada Theme or enter your reception to The Good Old Hockey Game.

Beauty and love really is everywhere - you just have to know where to look

"A Maple Leaf themed wedding? Have I done one before? No. In fact I've never heard of anyone doing one. Stanley Cup cake? Official Toronto Maple Leaf nail-polish? I'd love to hear more about it though." This is pretty much how the exchange went when Jenn and I first started corresponding. I was intrigued, to say the least.

Routine is amazing, but breaking it can be better

When I first got into wedding photography I quickly started to realize the weddings are pretty 'cookie cutter.' I mean they all follow a pretty standard layout. This wasn't something I noticed when I had been to weddings as a guest, it all just seemed to flow well to me. Now, I'm able to use that predictable timeline to my advantage. I know when I can change batteries, or get a bottle of water, or use the bathroom (please, allow your photographer some time to get a drink!) Routine does have it's perks. There has been a handful of times where I've been lucky enough to work with a bride and groom who just blow that routine idea out of the water.

"We love the Maple Leafs"

It was simple. They loved each other and they loved the Toronto Maple Leafs. What else was there to understand? They weren't your 'standard issue' sports fan. No - oh no. Jenn and James are die hards. They, in fact, are as much a part of the Maple Leafs as any player, manager or office staff. They are the fans who keep their chin up and say, "next year fella's" They are the fans who believe that this could be the year. And I know, I just know, on some level they believe that when they are watching a game if they hope hard enough they just might be able to affect the outcome of the game. Maybe with a lucky bounce, maybe with a break or a fade, but someway they can affect it. This is what makes them unique. 

Sure, it's not your typical wedding

I didn't know what to expect. I looked on Pinterest and saw that yes in fact their had been other people who had Toronto Maple Leaf themed weddings! In point of fact - you can look up pretty much any professional sports team and find some fans who themed their wedding after the team. It's like a whole different world of weddings that I had never even thought about.

I jumped in feet first - I knew they were counting on me

This is what excites me but at the same time makes me tremble. Even all of these years after photographing all of these lovely people - I have to deliver because they believe in me. You can see how the pressure can mount. I think that's what keeps any great wedding photographer sharp. At the end of the day we know that the work we do today will echo throughout your life and your childrens life and their chilren's life long after we've delivered the final product. I know that these photos will be on a mantle somewhere. I know they'll decorate hallways and office desks and bedside tables. This is what makes me smile the most. 

If the spice of life is variety, the main course is love.

That's cheesy I know, but it felt right. Besides, I've kind of just poured it all out here so I think it's time to shut up and let you look at these wedding photographs. 


Go Leafs, Go!

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