Valentines Boudoir Sessions, Anyone?

It's right around the corner! I know, right! Book your boudoir session now and get your photos in time for the best, most exciting valentines gift he'll ever get!


Wait a minute, Boudoir? Me?

Yes you! Liz has been photographing women for years. She has shot some of the most in your face, *bare it all* women to the most timid and self conscious. She works to your level. If you want racy, you get racy, if you want something tame, no problem.

Where does it take place?

Typically in a studio or hotel room. However, if you would prefer to do it in the comfort of your own bedroom (or any location of your choosing) we can waive the studio fees. Yay free money!

What should I bring?

Yourself (ha!) Also, lingerie is a great idea. Also, anything you would like to be photographed in: A dress, his favourite shirt or jersey, etc.

Hair and Make-Up?

We work with many extremely talented hair and make-up artists in the industry and are happy to line you up with someone we know will do kick ass work. Of course, you are more than welcome to bring or do your own!

I heard there was going to be champagne?

There can be if you want! Some of the best and most beautiful boudoir sessions occur when a few ladies decide to get their photos done on the same day. You have each other for moral support and champagne for in between shutter clicks! So much fun!

OK I'm in. What's next?

Just get in touch with us through the website. We will pick a date and location and then it's on! Photos in time for Valentines!