You're going to love this Waegwaltic Club Wedding

I could go on for days about the amazing reasons why you should come from New York City to the Waegwaltic Club in Halifax, Nova Scotia  to host an amazing wedding celebration. Caitlin and Nick live in Brooklyn, New York and were recently officially wed at the courthouse in Manhattan. 

So many reasons to get to Nova Scotia

I could tell you all about the beautiful seascapes that dot the coast. There are so many beaches and secret coves that you could spend your entire honeymoon looking for your way back to the city. That's a good thing, in fact it's exactly what makes up an amazing vacation. I've always admired the ability for maritimers (colloquial name for anyone who lives in Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island or New Brunswick) ability to be so laid back. It really makes a trip enjoyable when every local you come across greets you with a smile and a wave.

These train shots by Pier 21 are my favorite

I've always wanted to capture some portraits near the train station. Caitlin and Nick were up for sneaking away to the terminal and we started snapping away. It's a really great spot to make the most of a portrait session, watch for all of the leading lines in the images as well as the beautiful corners and angles that provide such a perfect natural frame for the couple. It's these details we are always looking for, often overlooked they are such a key element of an image without them the image would seem flat.

Caitlin and Nick are back in New York

The summer has come to an end and we're well into the fall. As you flip through these images ask yourself if you've ever walked around Halifax and really taken in the sights. Seeing these amazing little nooks and corners of the city really give me an appreciation of just how amazing Halifax is. It's unique in so many ways from other cities. There aren't a ton of parallels to be drawn from NYC and Halifax - both cities on the Atlantic ocean, both have beautiful parks in their city centers, and now both have a stake in the marriage of these two wonderful people.

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