Williams' Family Photos are Live!

It wasn't that long ago (8 days I think!) that I had posted some teasers of the WIlliams' family photo shoot in Dartmouth. I don't get a chance to do that many family photo sessions due to the volume of weddings I'm booked for, so when I get to do one it's a little bit of a treat for me! I have three of my own children and I'm always in awe at the family dynamic. How we all interact with each other.

I alluded to a shot that I really loved

It was a lie. It's more of a series of shots. I love it because it just resonates so much. Any of us who come from a family where we were the little sister, or brother knows what I mean when I say we look way up to our older siblings. Way way up. Way's in that they can't quite grasp because they've never been in that unique, extraordinary position.

#Siblinglife can be a rough one!

I know I went through my share of battles with my older sisters. I was constantly seeing what they were up to and I modelled my own behaviour off of theirs. Did I get on their nerves sometimes? Sure. Did they yell at me to stop? Heck yes. Did we also have some epic fort building/under the cover book reading experiences I'll never forget? Absolutely. Being a big brother or sister is about understanding why your little friend is always wanting to tag along. Why they want to do exactly what you are doing. It's about loving them because they are the ones who will pick you up when you are feeling down. They will give you a hug when nothing is going your way. It's about loving them for no other reason than they are you little sister.

#lotsoflove with these two sisters!

Mom and dad really just sat back and watched the show unfold (as I'm sure any of us with kids of our own can relate. Sure, Mark and Shauna definitely stole the spotlight on a few of these beautiful photos, but really, it's all about the kids. I love watching families interact with each other and I saw nothing but the purest, most simple form of love there is. Family love.

Now a serious note:

You will see a couple of these photos are on train tracks. This is something I feel very strongly about so please understand why I'm dedicating an entire paragraph of a blog post to the subject. The photos in this post were all taken at a marked crossing (which you can't see) and also had a minimum of two adults looking in each direction. The location of the photos allowed for a great length of distance between the farthest vantage point of the tracks and our location. Exit routes were discussed and we spent as little time as possible on the tracks. Please don't take photos on train tracks and NEVER be on anything other than a marked crossing if you must cross the tracks.

Back to the shoot:

The series of shots I'm talking about are the ones I'm going to start with. I just love the look on Callie's face as she tries so hard to mimic her big sister. It's exactly the kind of love I'm talking about.

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