Family Photo Shoot Surprise in Dartmouth

We met up with an absolutely amazing family today. This awesome dude wanted to surprise his lucky wife and children with a family photo shoot. (Did anyone tell him Fathers day is tomorrow?!) So he surprises them and we meet up at the waterfront in Dartmouth. If you haven't ever been past the harbour-view market there is a stunning wall full of the most beautiful street art in the province.

I had to show off some teasers...

Seriously. I always make a habit of getting at least a few teasers up the same day but as soon as I imported, backed up and edited these images I knew I was on to something special. There are images in this set I can already say will be some of the most amazing of my career. Sometimes you plan a shot, sometimes you plan a shot and it doesn't work out, and sometimes you sort of plan a shot and the universe takes over and you're left with something you couldn't have even imagined. But hey, there it is. Right in front of you.

No, I'm not showing you that one now!

It would ruin the surprise! Plus it's one of those shots that I know I'm going to process, look at again, touch it up, wait a bit, look at it again, reset it back to the original, and repeat about 5 times until I get exactly what I want. These three photos are pretty spectacular though, they will more than do for tonight.

I really love the shot of the family against the blue sky

It says it all. We're a family. We are here, standing together. It's what families do. I just love how a picture can speak to you. So back to the Fathers day thing I mentioned earlier. He bought this for his family. His family is the only thing he needs for Father day, or any day.

So Dartmouth family shot teasers here they are!

husband and wife laughing
jumping girls colourful backgroun
family standing on rocks