Beautiful winter scenery...

It's all around us here in Nova Scotia. We get a few months of winter a year, unlike a lot of the rest of the country. When winter does hit us though, it's not gentle. Nor'easters hit us with such a regularity even Frankie McDonald is running out of ways to describe them! Have no fear however; the snow presents an amazing opportunity for engagement photos!

It takes a brave couple:

It's one thing to think you'd like photos done in the snow, it's a completely different experience to actually do it! Just ask anyone who has committed to an hour plus long photo shoot in sub-zero temperatures. I always appreciate it when a couple is willing to brave the elements for the sake of their photos, underneath it all is a tone of willingness to commit. It's marriage in a nutshell!

The weather needs to cooperate as well

We've done it countless times. Rescheduled. It's hectic for everyone but when you are lining up a photo shoot around the weather you have to be flexible. Often the months of November through to March can be some of the most dull and boring times of year to shoot outdoors in our region if there is no snow. So we wait for the snow!

It's a great way to see the city

Let's be honest, how many of us go out of our way to view these historic landmarks in the dead of winter? Dingle Tower at -15? Historic properties in a blizzard? Point Pleasant Park in 2 feet of snow? One of the things I love about shooting in these conditions is that it allows us to see these places in a different light. It's unique. 

This amazing couple braved it, and it was awesome!