I've been at this for years, I've seen some really awkward speeches, some really drunk guests and some less than timely dance moves, I've seen a lot. 

Love is different for all of us

Some couples love differently. Some have an easy kind of love. That love that just is.  I'm talking about that unspoken connection between two people that makes you think about how perfect they are for each other. About how they go through life in unison; from their daily tasks to their most grandiose ideas. They work in tandem. You won't notice it if you aren't looking for it, but I notice it. I look for the ways that couples love each other. Are they madly in love throwing each other all the time? Do they have a more subtle love, one that they feel strongly but is shown through smaller actions? Actions like a caress on the cheek, or simply a hand on a knee while sitting next to each other?

When it comes to photos, someone is in charge and someone is not

This is usually the case, and to be completely honest it's usually the bride. This is where I get to see just how a couple works together. Usually, I see the groom trailing along in a photo shoot just happy to do what he is asked. It's not uncommon for me to get lists and emails and pinterest boards full of photo inspirations from a bride and I love it. Of course not every photographers style is the same, and when I see photos I know I won't ever put in my portfolio I'm happy to take them for the couple anyway. They know who I am and my style, but dammit if they want a heart hand they are going to get one!

Life is short; Love is eternal

I mean that. We all know how short life is, even if we get the pleasure of living well into our golden years. We still know. It wasn't until I started actually taking photographs of people on their wedding day I started to realize Love is something special for everyone. Love will last forever, touching all those who are lucky enough to come across it in the most amazing way. When two people are in love they shower those around them with the most amazing positive feelings. I think this is why it's so important to hold onto every moment. We need to hold it close to our hearts and never let it go. This is the kicker for me, I think about it a lot: I can't say how long I'll be a wedding photographer for. I hope I have a long, successful career and get to take many many pictures that will mean so much to so many people. What is awesome for me is that I get to share these experiences with so many people and I know, I know, that decades from now the photographs I have taken will be on a mantle, or a wall or in a wallet or next to a bed and when people look at them they will think back to just how magical that time in their life was and they will look at their lover and smile. These in love people.

Angela and Dustin and their dogs are these people

These in love people, truly madly in love. They are in sync and I get that just from the afternoon shooting these photos. They are fun, witty and really amazing people and I had such a great time with this engagement session. Angela wanted photos at their cabin in the snow and that was that. We rescheduled a bunch, waited for Summer to change to Autumn and Autumn to give up for Winter. We had some snow and we had a date. Angela put in a heroic effort to pull this off and I just can't wait to see their wedding day. Romantic, elegant and classic. Timeless. True love. You guys kick ass.