When most people think about doing a photoshoot, whether it's an engagement session, couple session, family or maternity session, they rarely think of doing it in the cold of winter. Sometimes, people get in touch with us and ask when the best time of the year to do it is. If we are shooting their wedding in the summer and they have booked us early enough we always suggest doing a shoot in the snow. Here's why:

Snow makes everything crisp.

What does that mean? It means if you get out on a day where the snow has fallen recently (enough so that there is still snow on some branches and not everything has turned into muddy slush) your photos will be full of beautiful white backdrops which really make you, the subject pop! This is a really great opportunity to wear that bold pattern scarf or that red down vest you just love. Winter wonderland? Heck yes!

It's cold out. 

How could it being cold out be good for a photoshoot? It's simple. When we are cold our blood rushes to the surface of exposed skin. At first it makes our cheeks red but after we walk around a bit and get warmed up it really makes us look alive! This is one of my favourite reasons for doing a shoot in the cold, nothing makes someone look more glowing than a little chill in the air. Seriously, check it out! Ever take a selfie on the ski hill?

More reasons to snuggle up!

And the cherry on top. If it's a hot day and we are doing the shoot on a beach we can get quite flushed fairly quickly. Couple that with some humid air and some frizzy hair and we can all turn into a hot mess really fast! In the winter we do everything we can to get warm, and that often means some really beautiful poses holding onto each other. Kissing, cheek on cheek, hugging, you can't go wrong!

Winter Shoot. Awesome Photos. Smiles all around.

So get out there and make it happen, we still have a few months left where the snow is going to be around. If you are in Nova Scotia just look outside and see how we just got hit with a crazy blizzard. Now there is an idea.... Anyone up for some blizzard photos? (jk, we can't even get out of our driveway today!)

I just love how crisp and bright these photos taken at Point Pleasant Park turned out.

I just love how crisp and bright these photos taken at Point Pleasant Park turned out.