Boston? Hell yes!

Full disclosure: We are Canadian, eh?

We live in Nova Scotia (New Scotland) and British Columbia.

But we also love our ties to you people. 

We've shot all over our own country,  and now we are taking advantage of the beauty of yours! Check out our work, if you like what you see hit us up. 


Oh yeah, Complete, full day coverage for $999. That's from when you are drinking coffee and about to put the make up on until you have danced your heart out, and everything in between! 

We are available for consultation via Skype, Google Hangouts, Telephone, Snail Mail, Telegraph across the Atlantic (do we still do that?)

What's our motive? Self Interest, well ok, a little bit of self interest. We are planning a one month adventure all over Boston. We have family ties and are visiting, so why not capture some Boston love while we are at it!

This deal is best for someone who hasn't booked a professional wedding photographer but would really love professional photos. Our average package price is $3500, so this really is a deal! We are only available August 8, 22, and 29th, and when we do this kind of thing these dates get scooped pretty quickly! Again, our motive is selfish, we leave dates available throughout the summer so we can supplement our family vacation, it works for all of us!

My beautiful wedding needs a photographer on: