Time to be a lifestyle photographer

This time of year is traditionally slllllooow when it comes to weddings. Hardly anyone is getting married mid-January right up until March/April. We've often taken on photography work other than weddings - not only does it keep our photography game on point it also allows us to explore different situations that can actually help us during weddings.

Photographing newborns is more difficult than weddings

There, I said it. I firmly believe that anyone who has undertaken both - that is photographing wedding days and also photographing newborns is going to agree with me. Of course, a newborn photo session might only take 3-5 hours (I've never shot a wedding that was less than 12!) the amount of patience required is enough to warrant a sainthood. Or something.

Tenley arrived!

I've known Jolyn and Jason for a few years now. They first asked us to travel to Cuba and photograph their wedding in 2015. From engagement photos in Peggy's Cove to some of my favourite photos I've ever taken we've always just clicked. I was thrilled when I heard Jolyn was expecting - having three of my own children I know just how amazing motherhood is. Challenging? Yes. I know that it pushes you to and past any limit you thought you may have had before. Thought you lacked patience? Nope, you've got plenty of patience - telling yourself just a few more minutes of rocking and she'll be asleep. Rocking your baby back to sleep in a chair at 3 am on a Saturday morning is something you can't really describe to someone - it truly has to be experienced to fully understand how fun it is. There are many virtues we discover upon having children. I know what I've enjoyed the most is how all three of my children have made me see life in a new way, a better way. I know these two are going to be the best parents ever - kind, giving, warmhearted, Tenley is going to have a beautiful, memorable childhood. Now all she need's is a few brothers and sisters!

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sleeping tenley
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