You're going to need a professional

You're almost there. Over the last 6 months (if you have super powers) to a year and a half you've been meticulously planning the most exciting day of your life. You can't wait for the day to get here. You've spent hours and hours going over every single detail, no matter how small. It's going to be a really really kickass day. You're going to need a professional hair and makeup artist.

How much time have you spent exercising?

We all know the pressures put on women to look their best all the time. There is an increasingly growing pressure to look your absolute best ever on your wedding day. How realistic, or fair, this presumption is depends on only one person - you. Despite the pressures and the unreasonable expectation of women to look like Victoria Secret fashion models you still want to look good. There is nothing wrong with that, especially on one of the most memorable days of your life. You've put in hours upon hours of tedious cardio (let's face it, who actually likes doing cardio?) and you've seeing the results when you look in the mirror. 

You've booked a photographer

We all have different ideas of beauty. For me, someone is beautiful if they radiate happiness. I'd much rather take photographs of someone who was smiling all the time opposed to someone who was unhappy. Happiness shines through in photos and it makes my job so much easier. I believe that if people are comfortable with who they are they will feel good about themselves. If you feel good about yourself you are going to look great in photographs. It's a fact. You've booked your favourite photographer because you see your wedding day told as a story similar to the weddings on their website. You see yourself in that mix. That's awesome, you know what you want. You want to be able to look back at your wedding photos and smile - at the amazing memories of how fun that date was, but also at how good you looked. You want to show your grandchildren just how positively radiant you were in your youth. That isn't vanity, that's reality. There's nothing wrong with that.

You're going to need a hair and makeup artist.

I've been a part of a lot of weddings - too many to count. I've worked with countless wedding vendors within Nova Scotia and Canada. Some are good, some not so good, and some stand out above the rest. Let me introduce you to Melissa Hearn - Hair and Makeup Artist. We had a chat about her involvement in the wedding industry specific to Nova Scotia. Here's a Q&A from one of the best Hair and Makeup artists in the city. (disclaimer - we've worked with her before and she's an absolute blast to be around!)

OBF: When did you know you wanted to become a hairstylist? 

       MH: Im going to be so cliche here and say since I was a little girl, but it's true! My mother took hairdressing in the early 80s and my favorite thing to play with was her hair tools. As an adult it took a year at community college to realize that what I really wanted to be was a Hairstylist.

How long have you been involved in the wedding industry?

      I would say about 14 years! It was something I got into right out of the gate. I took a few years off for a much needed break but once I got my Diploma in Makeup Artistry I got right back into it.

Any crazy stories involving the bride/bridal party the morning of the wedding?

      I had a bride get so worked up she passed out in the chair! And a best man that never showed up!! Can you imagine!?

As wedding photographers we often find ourselves holding flowers, fixing tables, and even driving people to photo locations.  In addition to hair you also do makeup; have you ever been asked to do something totally not in your job description? 

      I found myself looking after the Brides dog during pre-ceremony photos, but I do LOVE dogs! I've also found myself picking up bridesmaids and their lunch on the way to our appointments.

What wedding trends have you seen in the past?

      I have honestly seen it all!  Hair, I'd have to say, stays pretty classic.  A good majority of brides love the romantic look of cascading curls; it's definitely the most popular look and really transcends time. 

What wedding trends are you most excited to hit Nova Scotia?

      I honestly love when Brides veer off and do their own thing. I really appreciate creativity and simplicity; really making the day their own and all about them.  Smaller venues, tight knit crowds  and unconventional places. I'm seeing this a lot now; brides and groom really honing in on what is important to them and not making a huge show of it. 

You just get home from finishing the hair and makeup for a bridal party of 10. Do you curl up with a book or get outside for a run? How do you unwind from a crazy day?

      Honestly, take a nap.  I find my adrenaline runs constantly for hours with all the buzz of the day and trying to be on my game that as soon as I stop I am EXHAUSTED!

You've won many awards for your exceptional work, which one are you most proud of?

      Well thank you for that.  I love what i do so much and I'm so fortunate that I have to ability to showcase my creativity and have people appreciate it. My most proud moment would have to be the work I didn't win for. I recently competed in a fantasy competition at ABAs. It was my first time in that category and I didn't place.  But the blood sweat and tears that went into that look and the feedback I got from my peers made me so proud. It is my favourite work to date.

Do you still have any availability for 2017?

I do!! I'm just getting back into the wedding scene after a few years hiatus and rebuilding my name. It's fun getting back into the game and I looking forward to meeting all the beautiful brides this season! 

Make sure you end up with the hair and makeup you know you want.

I've seen it before: A bride has her hair finished and there's a bit of disappointment. She wasn't *in love* with her hair. She brushes it off like it's no big deal but all day long she's wishing her hair looked just the way she imagined it. Melissa has that crazy ability to pull off just the style you had in your own mind. Brides are all smiles after working with Melissa on their wedding day. 

Here's her contact info: Book her while you can!

A great hair and makeup artist is hard to find. Get in touch with her and lock her in for you wedding day. You can find more information at:  
Tel: (902) 229-1709
 You can also find her on instagram


Or you could make an appointment with her at:

salon eight-sixty inc 
860 Old Sambro Road,




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