One of the best parts of wedding planning:

The honeymoon! Let's be honest with each other - the honeymoon is the only thing that keeps you going some of those late nights spent planning your wedding. When it all feels so overwhelming you always let your mind wander to the thought of your honeymoon. Will you be sitting on a beach? Resting poolside? Or is adventure travel more your thing? Whatever type of honeymoon you are looking for a good travel agency can be the difference between a fun booking experience... and a nightmare!

Take this England trip, for example

Let's imagine a couple, call them Sarah and Arbuckle. This couple has been planning their wedding for over 12 months. The big day is just around the corner. They didn't bother going with a travel agency - afterall in this information age who needs a professional? They opt to do the booking themselves over the internet - afterall, Sarah and Arbuckle are a super saavy couple. They planned their whole wedding themselves why couldn't they plan an exciting two week vacation throughout England?

What Sarah and Arbuckle didn't forsee was all the challenges they would be facing along the way. There were airport fee's and taxes they didn't know about. When they booked the 'guest room, lower floor' they didn't know that meant the room right next to the all night dance club. When they attempted to arrange transportation they ended up with shady gypsy cabs. By the time their honeymoon was over they were ripping their hair out and dreaming about being home.

What happened to Sally and Cristo was a different story entirely

Sally and Cristo Saavy were prudent - they decided from the beginnning to book with a travel agent. They knew all of their efforts were going to be focussing on wedding planning and they wanted the best wedding they could have. Any honeymoon planning would just distract them. They knew they wanted to travel the English countryside and stay in bed and breakfasts. 

Their travel agency took care of all the details for them. They just had to show up and look their best. When they arrived at their first stop their was a minibus hire for weddings and honeymoons waiting for them. They would be travelling in style. An onsite tour company greeted them and they began their honeymoon. They knew they would be able to focus on each other and not have to get hung up in all the travel details. They had an itinerary and each other.

Use a travel agency - it's your honeymoon afterall!

You deserve to have a really great time on your honeymoon. You've just been through a crazy yes or so planning your wedding - it's time to relax and enjoy each other's company. Get the agency that is going to take care of your transportation - don't rely on your already overcooked brain to take care of the small details like that! It will make all the difference and it's going to give you the most stress free, fun honeymoon you can ask for.

I really love to see local couples use Maritime Travel

We used them for our honeymoon, I've been on destination weddings arranged by this company. They are seriously the best around and they care about their customers. You can find them at:

Maritime Travel
202-2000 Barrington Street
Cogswell Tower
Halifax, NS B3J 3K1
Phone: [902] 420-1554
Fax: [902) 420-0447