This is us

You Deserve beautiful wedding photography


This is us

You Deserve beautiful wedding photography

Hi there; we're Liz and Rich!


It all started when...

We love Halifax. We really do. Halifax, Nova Scotia is where it all got started. 

We wanted more. Wedding photography is something we quickly became obsessed with. It was in our second year we started saying, "Yes!" when couples asked if we travel. 

This led to more weddings away from Nova Scotia. Time on the road quickly became familiar to us. We found out how much fun we could have with this travelling wedding photography lifestyle.

Wedding season in Canada typically lasts from April until October. Over the last 3 years we've always blocked off a month where we would take on weddings outside of Nova Scotia. This would give us an opportunity for a working vacation in a more organized kind of way.

This year we decided to take a different approach:

why don't we just make this a thing?

It was over coffee one morning we started throwing this around. Instead of just waiting for couples to contact us and planning our summer around where they were getting married why don't we reach out and find some couples in a close proximity so we can do an amazing job with them and experience a brand new place.

Halifax is always going to be home

We love it here. We always have. This is where we own a home, this is where our children are growing up. This is where we fell in love with wedding photography and found the path that led us to this next adventure. 

But travel is a part of who we are

We've traveled across Canada, the USA and parts of Europe. We've photographed some places we would have only ever dreamed of. Showing this world to our children so that they can one day decide that they would like to see more of it is something we believe in.

Did we mention that you get to save a bunch of cash too?

You're going to have to Skype with us for your consultation. You want to sit down and meet all of your vendors. That's not ideal for you. We get it. We've come up with a few idea's that will for sure make it worth your while (and ours!)

Exchange rate = $$$$ for you. Living in Canada has it's perks. Our weak dollar is rarely one of them. The benefit to you is that you save at least 30% just because of the exchange rate. That is not a bad way to start when pricing out wedding photographers.

Super fun husband and wife wedding photographers (you get 2 for 1)When we are travelling we come as a team. We don't charge extra for this. When we work out of Halifax we both shoot weddings independently of one another. We typically hire second shooters and the cost for that is significantly higher than when you purchase a package with only one photographer. 

When we are travelling we shoot together, for free. We charge a flat rate ($2200 CAD) depending on the exchange rate you would pay about 1400 USD. Not a bad price for two award winning wedding photographers! (If we both can't shoot your wedding you can expect a professional second shooter - and take $200 off your price)

Let's chat!

That's it. We're super easy going and fun to get along with. Let's meet over Skype and talk about your big day - we can't wait to hear about it!




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