7 tips for a kick butt outdoor tent wedding!

This shot was taken inside of a yurt in Southern Nova Scotia

This shot was taken inside of a yurt in Southern Nova Scotia

A golf course is the perfect place for an outdoor wedding!

A golf course is the perfect place for an outdoor wedding!

how an outdoor tent wedding will inspire and delight

It's no wonder why so many more couples are choosing to have their weddings in there own backyards. With the rising cost of everything, it only makes sense for some couples to cut back on costs and have their reception in their own backyard (or a friends or family members) in an effort to save some money. Budgeting isn't always the reasoning though, Bohemian, or BoHo weddings are really picking up steam and becoming more popular, and with good reason! A beautiful day celebrating under the canopy of tree's, surrounded by family and friends, what's not to love about that?

outdoor wedding tip 1:

Shop around for tent rentals; you'll find many great deals around Halifax as well as throughout Nova Scotia. Often, the cost associated with rentals fluctuates with the time of year you need it. Typically, the earlier you book a rental the less you will pay, kind of like a plane ticket! 

Cost isn't the only reason why couples are getting married outside

There are many reasons, most obvious being cost, but often overlooked are the reasons that make it so great. People are becoming more concerned about the environmental impact of their wedding day. A good way to cut down on your carbon footprint is to use less electricity. If you are outside you don't have to have lights illuminating a room. Getting married is all about connection, and what better way to feel more connected than being outside with mother nature? Some people just like the outdoors. It's who they are. If part of a wedding is showing your guests who you are as a couple, what better way to do that then setting up tables outside in a field and having a picnic dinner? Let's have a look at some of the less obvious reasons why outdoor tent weddings are so amazing!

Outdoor wedding tip 2:

Get outdoors, way outdoors! The more remote the field or grove, the more your wedding will resonate with your guests. If you have access to a property that has some trails, don't be afraid to set up your reception 15 minutes in!

Connected with each other and the earth

Sure, it sounds a little hippyish, but it's true! It's a driving force behind having outdoor tent weddings. With technology playing such a huge role in most of our lives having an outdoor wedding is a great opportunity to step back from the fast paced hustle and bustle of everyday life and just be at one with yourself and your guests. It gives everyone an opportunity to disconnect and enjoy the love of the couple and the company of friends and family. 

Outdoor Wedding Tip 3:

Leave your cellphones at home! Unplugged weddings are gaining steam and with good reason. As a photographer I could show you hundreds of photos I've been unable to deliver because a guest with an Ipad or a smartphone has leaned out into the aisle to snap a picture of their own. Let your guests know you have hired a professional photographer and to please leave their phones in their vehicles. This way, they can really enjoy the moment!

DIY decor anyone?

This bride went all out! An old gramophone on top of a vintage chest of drawers.

This bride went all out! An old gramophone on top of a vintage chest of drawers.

This is one of my favourite parts of an outdoor wedding. DIY decorations. Having a wedding outside really gives a couple an opportunity to showcase their DIY prowess. I've seen some of the most beautiful decorations I've ever seen at backyard and outdoor tent weddings. Handmade bunting, vintage decor from an antique shop, shabby shic bookshelves set up with old photographs in a field. These are all examples of some beautiful ways you can make your wedding day great. If you like to create beautiful pieces of decor and you think pinterest is the best thing ever you might be a great candidate for an outdoor wedding.

outdoor wedding tip 4:

Do it yourself! There are so many great tutorials online you will have no trouble finding and designing your own wedding day decor. When you make it by hand it really stands out as unique. It's also a great opportunity to spend time with your bridesmaids and family before the wedding. Champagne arts and crafts night anyone?

Your wedding doesn't have to have a big environmental impact

This is something we hear time and time again.  Brides and grooms feeling in conflict with their celebration. They have such a great time but feel a tiny bit guilty about all of the waste their wedding has produced. Having your wedding outdoors can really cut down on the impact and show your guests that you care about the planet.

outdoor wedding tip 5:

Paper plates aren't a terrible idea. You can recycle paper plates and it's going to cut down on the resources used to transport and clean heavy porcelain dishes. Sure, you won't wow anyone with your cutlery but you will save on cost and cut down on your carbon footprint!

We only get a few months of nice weather, why spend it inside?

In Canada our "nice weather season" is typically only about 4 months long. Reliably. Sure, we've had warm days in November but no one is going to start planning an outdoor event for that time of the year soon. Mid-June to Mid-September are pretty safe here in the maritime provinces, on the lower mainland of British Columbia you might be able to stretch that out a big longer.

For those of us that love the outdoors this is a great opportunity to spend the entire day outside. Of course, preparing for the elements is always a wise choice too!

Outdoor Wedding TIP 6:

Pick a spot where you can have a lot of tree cover. Of course, tents will help protect your guests from the rain but there is something magical about taking cover under the canopy of a maple or an oak during rain showers!

what's more romantic than having your first dance under the twinkle of the milky way?

Your first dance as husband and wife, you only get to do one time. What could be more perfectly romantic than dancing under the stars? We have such an amazing night sky in Nova Scotia that if you ever get the chance to look up at the night sky you will be rewarded with the most dazzling display of twinkling stars. I can't think of anything more romantic than that!

Outdoor wedding tip 7:

Ask your photographer if they can do long exposures with off camera flash. A shot of you embracing with your partner under a starry sky would be the pinnacle of any wedding album. It's a technical shot but any pro should be able to pull it off with ease.


Embrace your choice!

Having an outdoor tent wedding is making a statement. You're telling the world you don't mind doing things differently and you are carefree enough that you won't be bothered if the weather doesn't cooperate. Remember this is the reason you chose to do your wedding this way. You may find times when you wish you just elected to do things the traditional way but just think back to how excited you were when you first thought of doing it this way. We've shot countless outdoor weddings and they have all been beautiful and fun, regardless of the weather!

If you're interested in learning more about tent rentals you gotta get in touch with Ashley from The Ultimate Party & Event Store in Sackville, Nova Scotia. They have literally everything you need to make a wedding great. And they're super friendly too!


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