"5$ Secures My Date?!"

Secure your wedding date for 5$

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How does it work?

We get it. Wedding planning is stressful, difficult stuff. With so many amazing wedding photographers to choose from in Nova Scotia you want to take your time - you need to make the right choice.

But the pressure doesn't let up. You feel like if you reach out to a vendor and you aren't ready to book they are going to be down your throat every day until you do. It shouldn't be like that. With us, we promise it isn't.

That's why we came up with this idea. Take a look at our work, if you like it and you would like to consider hiring us but you aren't quite ready to make the leap just send us a message. If we have your wedding date available just send us 5$ and we'll hold it for 3 weeks. No hassles, just take your time and plan your wedding the way you always dreamed about.