Great Wedding Photographer Tips


When you are looking to pick out a wedding photographer to snap pictures on your special day, it is important that you are able to pick and then hire the best person for the job. With the costs of such a service being so high these days, you need to remember that you only have one chance to capture the important memories. These are six great tips that you can easily use to make sure that you are able to select the right photographer to meet your needs:

Look At Their Personality

When you are looking for a wedding photography, it should not just come down to the work and how good they may be on a technical level. After all, you could end up hiring the best photographer on the planet, but if you do not feel as though you can be relaxed and at ease around them, this will then start to show in your photographs and they may not look natural.

Take the time to meet a couple of photographers and be sure that you click with them. You need to be able to share with this person your plans and your excitement for your wedding, which means finding someone who will share in the excitement. Here are somethings that make a good photographer.

Look for someone that you want to be at your wedding. When you speak to them, you need to see them feeling at ease with them. This will translate in to photographs that really make a difference and you will have great shots that include laughter, slight smiles and all of the little things that happen on your big day.

Fall In Love With Their Style

There are literally thousands of photographers all throughout the UK, each of which have their own style. There can be those that are traditional, some that are documentary in nature and others that are really out there in terms of ideas. Phoenix Photo Video who offer wedding photography Sydney suggest that you need to find a style that you like and one that really reflects the both of you as a couple, especially if you are going to have a theme for the day. Select a photographer that will document a wedding just how you would like your pictures to be. This will include looking for someone that will edit their photos in a style that you adore, creating fun and natural photographs that capture your essence.


Look At A Complete Wedding

While you are looking for different photographers, they will be able to show a range of photographs that will represent their best work. There could be stunning black and white shots or other posed shots that take your breath away. If you really love their work and you meet up with them, you can ask to see complete wedding albums so that you can fully grasp the scope of their work. These finished albums will be a great tool that you can use when you make your hiring decision. Just be sure that you look for consistency and a whole album that is filled front to back with a beautiful story is the way to go.

Go With Someone You Trust

Once you find someone that you like as a person and you love their work, you should be able to feel relaxed. Hire someone that you can trust that they will be able to be left on their own and do the work that you need them to do. Once you meet with your photographer, if you do not feel confident and fully satisfied with them, you need to be able to move on to someone else. You have to go with your gut and if it does not feel right, it is time to look elsewhere.


You never want to spend your important wedding day worrying that they are not capturing all of the photographs that are important to you. It is best to talk with the person in advance about the different formal family shots that you want, then you should be able to just let them go on their own. The right photographer should have years of experience doing this and you should be confident just letting them go to do what they do the best. When you are looking for fun, creative shots with you and your partner, select someone who is going to have fun with you and that you can trust to do exactly what you want.

Would You Recommend Them?


Another way to tell if you have found the right photographer is to ask yourself if you would recommend them to another couple getting married. If the answer is a yes, then you can feel confident in booking them. If there are any doubts, you need to take into consideration these reasons why you wouldn't. After all, if you are not going to recommend them to someone else, why spend the money on them for your own wedding.

Book As Early As Possible

A lot of the top wedding photographers across the UK will book out months or years in advance. A good number of them may even be booking two years out, with summer weddings in peak season being the most popular. If you are looking to book a photographer for your wedding and a date is set, you need to start the hiring process as soon as possible. Failing to do so could leave you disappointed without the right photographer of your dreams to make your pictures what you want.